Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege PC PS4 ONE

Rainbow Six Siege: Patch 2.3

Ubisoft hat den PC-Spielern des Anti-Terror-Shooters Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege das Update 2.3 verpasst. Es werden zum Beispiel Balancing- und Matchmaking-Optimierungen, diverse Fehlerbereinigungen und für die Zuschauerkamera ein paar Verbesserungen versprochen.

Einige Details aus dem Changelog lauten wie folgt:
  • The incorrect amount of remaining health is displayed for the victorious Operator when a defeated player is viewing the KillCam replay. – FIXED
  • Idle players on a team will receive an idle kick from the match if the other team quits during Preparation Phase. – FIXED
  • Players are able to clip through unbreakable walls by running at a wall and lifting a gadget in front of them at the last second before hitting the wall. – FIXED
  • Thermite can't place an Exothermic Charge on a damaged wall with a hole big enough to fit the charge. – FIXED
  • Montagne can shoot before finishing the animation for unextending the shield. – FIXED
  • Parts of Glaz's scope will disappear while entering ADS mode. – FIXED
  • Sledge's Breaching Hammer has a low and delayed controller rumble when used. – FIXED
  • Sometimes the drones’ black and white filter is overridden by Mute's colored jammer effect. – FIXED
Konsolenspieler bekommen den Patch 2.3 voraussichtlich erst am nächsten Dienstag in ihren Download-Korb gelegt.

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