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Rainbow Six Siege: Patch 4.1 morgen

Am morgigen Donnerstag veröffentlicht Ubisoft einen neuen Patch für Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege auf allen drei Zielplattformen. Die Version 4.1 bringt unter anderem Balance-Anpassungen für die semiautomatische Shotgun und haufenweise Fehlerbereinigungen mit sich. Hier ein Auszug aus dem Changelog:
  • Fixed – Shield Operators movement speed is slower than intended. [They are now back to Season 2 speeds]
  • Fixed – When the middle beam of a trap door is destroyed, it can no longer be reinforced.
  • Fixed – When a player falls while rappelling and then climbs a ladder, they will float in the air.
  • Fixed – Some users found an exploit that would allow them to see through walls.
  • Fixed – Some Pistols have double the intended amount of recoil when fired while ADS and then switching to hip fire.
  • Fixed – If two Defenders are outside and one of them goes back inside, the “You are detected” message will disappear.
  • Fixed – The angled grip is not providing the proper benefit.

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